About Indo-Pacific Climate Hub
About the Indo-Pacific Climate Hub
Enabling research, knowledge-sharing and leadership on adaptation, resilience and justice in the Indo-Pacific to realise a positive climate future.
The Indo-Pacific Climate Hub (INPACC Hub) was initiated in 2023 by Melbourne Climate Futures at The University of Melbourne with the vision to accelerate the urgent transition to a positive climate future in the Indo-Pacific.

It is an expert network that enables research, knowledge sharing and leadership on adaptation, resilience and justice, bringing together researchers, practitioners, and policymakers in the region to work collaboratively towards achieving shared climate goals.

The INPACC Hub aims for the following…
Accelerate solutions
work collaboratively to support solution-oriented regional action through effective partnerships and knowledge sharing.
Nurture the next generation
build capacity through training and mentoring to ensure future generations are skilled to address current and emerging climate challenges.
Lead by example
maximising global climate outcomes by transferring successes and lessons in the Indo-Pacific to other regions.
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